What is Smart Tax

Smart Tax 2.0 is a user friendly software which has been specially designed and developed to prepare computation of Income under the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. Smart Tax maintains the complete information of your clients in a database, computes taxable income under different heads and provides economical printing of Computation Statement, ITR Forms and various other reports. Smart Tax has been developed under expert guidance of reputed Tax Consultants, Advocates and Chartered Accountants.

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What Smart Tax is Capable of ?

A. Computation of Income From :-

  • Income From Salary
  • Income from Property
  • Income from Business
  • Income From Speculation Business Income
  • Long Term Capital Gain
  • Income from Other Sources
  • Clubbing of Minor’s Income
  • Agriculture Income for Rate Purposes

B. Auto Calculation of:

  • Tax Computation
  • Interest under Section 234 A/B/C
  • tandard deductions, Exempt Allowances & Taxable Perquisites
  • Relief u/s 89
  • Repair & Collection Charges under Property head.
  • Depreciation under Business head.
  • Index cost under Long Term Capital Gains.
  • Interest on NSC, KVP and IVP.
  • Deductions under Section 80CCC to 80U
  • Automatic adoption of Lower Tax Rate under long term Capital Gain.
  • Automatic set off of Current Losses and Unabsorbed Losses.
  • Automatic transfer of relevant data to next assessment year
  • MAT Calculation
  • Adjustment of Tax Credit

C. Reports:

  • Computation of Income
  • ITR forms 1 - 8
  • Filing of ITR Forms
  • Blank forms
  • Form No. 1,2,3,2C,2D, 3A,30,49A, 49B,35,36,29B
  • Form No. 10CCAC, 10CCAB
  • Form No. 16,10E,12C
  • Audit Forms 3CA, 3CB & 3CD
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Depreciation Chart as per Para14 of 3CD
  • Filed Returns List
  • Pending Returns List
  • Refund Cases List
  • Pending Fee List /li>
  • Assessee Register
  • Advance Tax Register
  • Comparative Year Wise List
  • Tax Cases List
  • Label Printing
  • Power of Attorney
  • Blue Book
  • Letter to Assessee
  • Gift Deed
  • Refund Re-Validation Letter
  • List of Assessee without PAN
  • Billing & Receipt Register
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate

D. Smart Features:

  • Automatic eDeposit of Tax Challans
  • Automatic eFiling
  • Configuration of Computation Statement
  • Printing of Data on Blank Saral
  • Import of Transactional Data from Previous A. Year
  • Printing on HP inkjet & Laser Printers
  • Auto Search by name or code
  • Tax Planning
  • Fast and Economical DOS Printing
  • Check Return Utility
  • Challan Printing
  • Billing and Receipts
  • Built in Comprehensive Accounting Model
  • T-Shaped & Vertical P&L A/C and Balance Sheet
  • Manually Editable Interest
  • Completely Menu Driven
  • Mouse Compatible
  • Built in Calculator
  • Calendar cum Diary
  • Hot Keys
  • Facility for Backup & Restore
  • Birthday Reminder Utility
  • Telephone Directory